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About Us

Free My WiFi is a project aimed to help everyone to get free wifi across the UK!

How do I start?

All you have to do is allow one of our skilled network engineers to set up one of our FreeMyWifi equipment at your company or workplace to broadcast wifi to the public for free!

Am I Stuck With A Monthly Contract?

You are under no contract so you can cancel at anytime, as long as you return the FreeMyWifi equipment undamaged and in working order!

How Does it Work?

You will have two networks set up by FreeMyWifi, one will be your private network for yourself or your workplace and another wifi box for the public!

Why Are You Setting Up A Public wifi?

We believe everyone has a right to be connected to the internet with reliable speeds no matter how much money you earn or where you live.

Do We Use Or Sell Your Data?

No! Free my WiFi does not sell the data of its users.

How Does Free My WiFi Offer A Free Service?

FreeMyWifi makes money from donations and from IoT Devices such as delivery drivers as they conect to the public wifi.

Our Mission

Our mission is to have the world connected for free and to stop the monopoly of bad internet providers! In 2021 everyone should be able to have access to the intenet for free no matter what!

You will have access to our Home Tech Experts available 24/7 to keep you and the public connected for free!

We will make sure your connection is perfectly set up for your needs for free!

Enjoy Unlimited Data For Free As Well As Helping Everyone Get Connected.

Our fastest, free, future-ready internet will rock your world and your gadgets with super quick download speeds, straight from your FreeMyWifi box. Now everyone can do more than ever, faster than ever, all at the same time! You will also be able to use the network with no extra costs and no data caps! Join the FreeMywifi project today to get free wifi across the UK and around the world! Get ready for the impossible.


Heres what the FreeMyWifFi Basic Package Can Do For You! FreeMyWifFi Basic Package is completely free!

Ultrafast Broadband

Go lightning-fast with average download speeds of 30 Mbps to 70 Mbps! As more people get converted to the network the speeds will increase, so get as many people on board!

Stream on Unlimited Screens!

Stream your shows smoothly in HD or Ultra HD, on every screen. Even while other people in the house are browsing around online.

Stay Fast Guarantee

We'll give you a personalised speed range, and guarantee a minimum speed that your broadband shouldn’t drop below. You will have access to our engineers available 24/7 to keep you and the public connected!

Ultrafast and Ultra-Reliable!

We test our network connected to homes and businesses to check we’re 100% reliable. We wont add more users to the current network until the network is up to its standards!

Sharing, Downloading And Sending Files

Feel the difference when you download, send and share even the biggest of files.

Easy And Quick Set Up

Sit back and relax while one of are engineers set you up with free wifi for life!

Still Not Good Enough ?

Get Started With Our Pro Package!


The FreeMyWiFi Pro Package will cost £50 a month!

Speeds And Priority

Never have to worry about your internet speed again! Being pro means priority over are services and network.

Supersonic Speeds!

Go Supersonic-fast with average download speeds of 150 Mbps to 250 Mbps!

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